Monday, April 1, 2013

BGM IN ANIME: RDG Red Data Girl (Hikaru Nanase)

Hikaru Nanase is one of my favorite anime composers and also because of her involment I will try to follow RDG series. 
Episode 3 music mini-analyze. There are used 8 composition in whole episode. 

1. Music starts at 1:10 (Izumiko and Miyuki trip to mountain)
Nanase brings sad calm melody for piano and cello. In the ending of composition is added guitar - for this one track I would buy OST.
2. Music starts at 4:58 (Izumiko and Wamiya at school arguing)
Ambient sounds then is joining string section and voice - peaceful melody over "intense scene"
3. Music starts at 6:35 (Miyuki and 3 guys - fight at school following to car chasing scene)
Electronica and ambient sound for fight, then when Izumiko and Miyaki are in car and chased by Wamiya "Crow god" starts pulsating piano melody and fast string figures - good action track.
4. Music starts at 10:40 (Wamiya "Crow god in woods with Izumiko and Miyaki)
As Wamiya is presenting his power we have there dramatic dissonant string material with piano
5. Music starts at 13:55 (Izumi getting angry talking with Wamiya and his dissapearing)
Over this scene we have there driving solo piano melody - again one of tracks for which I will buy ost
6. Music starts at 15:54 (Miyuki and Izumi talking about school in Tokyo)
Guitar, flute, violin and cello joining forces for uplifting melody
7. Music starts at 17:51 (Miyuki and Wamiya watching Izumi preparing for dance)
There is lot of hope in this gentle composition for piano, bass, cello and guitar
8. Music starts at 19:07 (Izumi dance)
Traditional Japanese song with traditional instruments.

Hikaru Nanase is delivering lot of chamber acoustic music with few shinnings of string orchestra and electronica in action scenes. So far I really like her score.

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